Selling Bitcoin Complete Guide 2021

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is familiar as cryptocurrency, a virtual currency, or a digital currency. It is a form of convenient funds as Bitcoin is a form of online sort of money. You can use it to purchase products and services; however, it is acceptable by many shops, yet some countries have banned it.

Selling Bitcoin

It isn’t as easy to sell Bitcoin as it might be to buy it. If you’d like to sell your bitcoins online, you could do so using the terms mentioned below.

  • Via an exchange
  • Direct trade
  • Peer to peer transaction

You may use a bitcoin ATM to deposit funds or trade your bitcoin in person.

1- Via an Exchange

Exchange is the sole solution when it approaches trading bitcoins despite having numerous disadvantages. In selling Bitcoin, an exchange proceeds as a broker that carries both the seller’s and the purchaser’s assets .
To begin, you must first build a profile with an interchange of your choosing. The vast majority of legitimate transactions would necessitate extensive authentication protocol and a related credit card in order for you to receive your funds quickly.
Then you must make a sale bid, beginning with both the form of money you would like to sell, the sum you want to exchange, and your offering costs per ounce.
If anyone accepts your bid, the company will finish the deal indefinitely.

You must transfer the money to your related checking account once they have cleared. If the exchanges is having problems including its bank, it will need a large sum of money. The Mt. Gox market ran into this problem a few months earlier.The Mt. Gox market ran into this problem a few months ago.

It is essential to remember that you will require to pay a fee to use some exchanges. Several exchanges have different charges for an exchange fee. There is a different ratio of withdrawing funds via visa card and via bank. You will have to pay $50 for withdrawal if you use the bank transfer method, $3.80 for the fee is double what of the payment if you use a Visa debit card.$3.80 for MasterCard. 

Finally, in Inspite of offering wallet services, it is necessary to keep in mind that exchanges are not safe and valid for storing your funds. There are chances of hackers attacks, businesses going to reducing , and increasing away with their customer’s investment.

2- Via a Direct Trade

A way to sell bitcoin is to do so directly with yet another user. This technique, which incorporates a broker who facilitates the link, is available on sites generally associated with shares.

To get started, you should first register as a seller. You’ll have to check your identities in addition to building a profile.

If a customer expresses an interest in trading with you, the system will notify you. Afterwards when, you’ll be able to communicate with both the customer. The site only acts as a means to complete a transaction.

When it comes to collecting bitcoins, a few of the places can be very complicated and moment. As a result, thorough research is required before selecting a brokerage account. Please ensure you have enough time and stamina to complete the task. The following are among the sites that provide service providers:

  • Openbitcoins
  • BitBargain
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Coinbase
  • Bitsquare
  • Bittylicious

3- Peer to Peer online trading

A place to distribute bitcoins is by friend stock shopping. Since there is no modern alternative of money, peer – to – peer trade is a relatively recent concept in the Bitcoin system.
He planners, on the other hand, plan the system for everyone’s benefit. It’s designed for people who are buying bitcoins with the car loans. Where someone wants to use their bitcoin to purchase goods from merchants who do not consider bitcoin as compensation.
After this, one earn their money, which is traded for bitcoins, which can be used to import products. 

4- Via ATM

Bitcoin ATM is not like the traditional ATM as it is not like a cash machine. These are associated with the internet to benefit Bitcoin transactions despite linking to the consumer’s bank account.
Bitcoin ATMs will pay money and trade it for Bitcoins, which are given out in the form of a paper bill with an Unique code. They also pay a very large fee. There are 7% of large media stories that identify prices. These, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to locate. This Bitcoin ATM chart includes a very well proprietary Bitcoin Cash machines.

Trans solutions are accessible on certain bitcoin ATMs. This total sample that consumers can use it to either purchase bitcoins. Evolution coin has a number of such devices.

  • Genesis1
  • Satoshi2
  • Robocoin

And from General Bytes;

  • BitAccess
  • BATM3

However, some machines might deactivate selling bitcoins system. Clients will be required to have an existing subscription with a Bitcoin ATM company in looking to trade bitcoins. As well as the application process can consume a lot of effort, resources, and effort.
In example, new Robocoin ATM consumers must have a mobile number for authentication and confirmation, as well as alerts. A military photo ID, a palms scanner, and a latest picture taken with the ATM toolbar are all needed.
Following the verification of your name, you will be sent a Barcode with a cryptocurrency wallet to which you must submit your Bitcoins. A sole confirmation is normally sufficient, however the user may be taken to finish four to 6 verification verifications until moving money.

5- Selling Bitcoin in person

Trading digital currency is unlike trading with cash currency. The procedure is quite simple and takes no time in the selling and purchasing process. For instance, you can Scan a QR-code using a phone scanner and receive the cash instantly. Although it’s convenient when you are selling it to a known person or friend with a random new person, you might need few rounds of discussion to finalize the deals.
However, the safety of your wallets and valuables is the utmost factor. Hence to ensure transparent deals, you can take rounds of price negotiations, meetings, and other aspects that help you finalize the precise crystal arrangements. To attain transparent dealings, you must look for the following elements to prevent misfortune.

How to negotiate the price

Indeed, there are many ways to negotiate with the counterpart traders. Numerous websites and forums arrange a one-on-one meeting for traders to make the purchase and selling process more convenient. Nevertheless, LocalBitcoins is an ultimate destination for traders, and the main reason is the rating system. Precisely via the Localbitcoin platform, one can evaluate the trustworthiness and legitimation of the counter traders.
Both sides agree upon Constant fluctuations and the final exchange rate in these meetings. Usually, traders look forward to prominent exchanges for assessing the current rate.
Another way is to use Bitcoin Price Index, where a seller can charge specific fees over a bitcoin’s current exchange rate. It is a convenient way to cover their cost and in regards to anonymity. Usually, the seller set around 5-05 of said fee, but it can vary from seller to seller and buyer.

Exceptionally, the local fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price can affect the exchange rate. It all depends upon many variables in the formula, including the economic state of a country, the availability of Bitcoin in exchange for local currency, and current governmental policies.
Although one-on-one meetings are predominantly transparent and legitimate, attending a local Bitcoin meet-up can boost the trading system. Globally on local and foreign traders organize many events and meet-ups to facilitate the trade.
Both buyers and sellers of Bitcoin currency get benefits in those meet-ups. Probably, it’s the safest environment and a way to hunt reliable and long-term clients for person-to-person trades. However, you can get updated information regarding the scheduled meet-ups through

Pieces of advice for staying safe

While dealing with currency and investment, risks and safety issues are inevitable. However, individual exchanges and trade are the safest forms o trade in the Bitcoin industry. To expand the circle, one must take a plunge and trade with strangers to enhance the benefits.

  • Nevertheless, you can reduce the risk factors and make wise deals.
  • While selecting the meeting place with a stranger, choose the vicinity that matches your comfort zone.
  • It’s convenient for both sides to choose a public place with internet access.
  • It’s safe to accompany a friend while attending a person-to-person meeting.
  • Outline the points, location, and the number of attendees with the buyer professionally.

All the precautions mentioned earlier also occur in a situation of carrying considerable cash. In the same way, avoid public transport and private space meetings.

Withdrawing Funds

Fund withdrawals are the most common issue that any Bitcoin trader faces at any stage of the trading process. However, there are few ways to overcome such cases to make the withdrawal process more convenient.

  • The easiest and safest way is to transfer the money via international wire transfer and reliable exchange supports. Also, some exchanges are accepting credit debit cards for fund withdrawals.
  • Another way is to transfer the money through SEPA, an abbreviation to Single European payments Area. European cryptocurrency exchanges use SEPA for international transfers among the European Union efficiently.

Although both systems have benefits and flaws, funds transfer takes more than the estimated time and effort. The current situation of the country and the amount of money are deciduous regarding money transfer timings. It can take from hours up to 4 days to accomplish a single transaction process.
Nevertheless, both processes add on varying charges over each transaction. For instance, Barclay’s bank and HSBC charge different fees over a trade. Barclays Bank charge £25 to £40 depending upon the speed of withdrawal using SEPA payment.
At the same time, HSBC charges only £4 via SEPA payment. Unfortunately, due to risk factors involved in exchanging digital currencies, the HSBC befalls restrictions for Bitcoin and other related funds.
Henceforth, enrolling the bank account ensures the compatibility of the bank with Bitcoin currency and local currency exchanges.

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