Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

Bank trips to cash personal checks are a tiring and time-consuming process. You have to stay in a line for your roll. Even checking the identity and the routine cross-checks to cash the personal checks takes considerable precious time.

Since Walmart offers many financial and money services, people often ask a “Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks”?Unfortunately, “No” helps many people all over the USA to cash the pre-printed checks with Walmart money services, but personal checks do not fall into the category.

The Walmart Money Center provides a range of monetary services at your nearby Walmart store. It saves your time and effort for performing many tasks. Nowadays, you can easily make payments using the mobile app, or with one click, you can make transactions of massive amounts. For convenience, most people prefer to issue checks instead of using cash or bank transactions. Walmart offers many services, including check cashing but “Does Walmart cash personal checks on the stores” is a big question mark on the service providers. So far, the service is not available, but you can cash other pre-printed checks with a quick and reliable service.

Instead of banks, you can visit the closest Walmart store and get the cash on the spot. You can also make the purchase and pay instantly via personal checks. 

Types of Checks to Cash at Walmart

Walmart offers money-related services, including personal cashing checks, bill payments, and many more. The services related to cash the checks include;

Payroll checks

  • MoneyGram Money Orders
  • Tax checks
  • Pre-Printed Checks
  • 2-party p
  • rivate checks
  • Security Settlement checks
  • Receiver Checks
  • Relinquishment expenditure checks
  • Government checks

However, it depends upon the locality and guidelines all Walmart stores do not facilitate the cashing of personal checks.  Moreover, Walmart has set variable limitations of each category of personal checks to cash. The two parties’ bill has a limit of 200$ whereas the other has a limit of up to 5000$.

Fee Structure for Check-Cashing at Walmart

The process is instant and effortless. You need to carry the ID and the check to the liable Walmart store to cash the check. However, it will charge a particular amount at each exchange. The checks cashing service fee structure is as complies;

  • Cash 1000$ check for 4$
  • Cash 200$  2-party personal Check for 6$
  • Cash 1000$ and above checks for 8$

It also varies at the time of year as;

  • You can get cash up to 7500$ from January to April
  • May to December the Walmart reduce the limit to 5000$

Therefore, you can keep the checks and cash them during the year when you get maximum benefits at a specific fee deduction.

Why Walmart Cash Check Service is better than bank

The bank charges almost no fee for the checking cash. However, there are many benefits to use Walmart’s money services.

  • You can get the cash at non-banking hours of the day and week.
  • A person having no personal bank account or is illegible to register a bank account.
  • An absence of a branch of bank nearby or in the locality

With all such situations, Walmart is the only savior for processing money-related issues.

Ways to Cash the Check at Walmart

For the time being the Walmart only offers two-party personal checks cash services in direct stores. Shortly, you will probably have online services to cash the checks and pay via Personal checks in online shopping with Walmart.

Furthermore, per day three transactions are possible at an ID. You can provide any of the below mentioned document to verify the identity;

  • US Passport
  • Tribal ID
  • Military ID
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID

You can cash almost all kinds of pre-printed checks, including payroll, government cash, tax refunds, etc.


First of all, check and ID to the authorized Walmart store at the cash counter. The authorized person will review the requirements at the help desk, including the validity of ID and charged fees. Moreover, you can cash the MoneyGram issued by Walmart. 

Restriction Over Personal Checks cash services

Although Walmart is becoming an alternative solution to bank-related money problems, it does not cash the personal check. Since Walmart offers pre-printed checks and restricts the service for personal checks, it has many risk factors.

Therefore, instead of taking the personal check to Walmart, you can utilize the pre-printed and governmental-issued checks at Walmart stores for purchase and bill payments even you can get the cash in exchange.

Why personal Checks Cash have restrictions

A personal check is an authentication from the owner to the specific person to withdraw particular cash from the bank account. The payee populates the fields with signature, required amount and date of issuance, etc. The bank is responsible for cross-checking the authenticity, confirms the credentials, and transfers the amount to the recipient in cash or a bank account.

The Personal Checks cashing demands several forensic checkings that are not possible with a  service like Walmart. Moreover, the personal checks cash needs the payee’s account details and authority. It compromises the security of private bank account, and therefore the personal checks are not redeemable at Walmart.

2 Party Personal Checks Cashing

Among the personal checks forms, the two-party personal checks cashing is an exception. However, it has to fall to the set criteria. The checks issued from a reputable firm are not a questionable certificate to transfer the cash. For instance, 401 (K) disbursement, payroll and cashier’s check, and insurance settlements qualify the criteria and get the money against the personal checks.

Nevertheless, two-party personal checks where both parties are non-governmental organizations or individuals do not fall to the criteria, and Walmart does not entertain the service. However, Walmart only provides cash up to 200$ for two personal party checks.

Walmart also demands the presence of both parties at a time on the service center for cashing of personal checks. Still, many Walmart stores of several US states do not entertain the two-party personal checks endorsement.

How the funds are channelize

You can receive the cash directly, or you can transfer the funds to the account in MoneyCard.You can also use the pre-printed checks to pay for purchases made at Walmart. There is no exception of deduction fees for any transaction. And you to pay according to allotted fees structure policy.

Precautions to Avoid Scam

Walmart has a secure and sensitive system that alerts immediately in case of malicious activity. However, certain factors can cause damage the checks and make them useless.

  • Cash the checks that are valid and acceptable.
  • Locate the stores that offer the money services at the cashpoints.
  • Evaluate the forge dealers as there is no sub-side under the Walmart
  • Provide the ID that is authentic and recently updated
  • If a balance transfers to the money, the card checks the credit immediately after the transaction by logging in to the account.

Final Verdict

Since Walmart is offering innovative and modern solutions for money-related services, the broad spectrum and vast networked branches enable Walmart to serve all around the USA. However, with certain restrictions in specific regions, it takes over control over the potential bank dealings.

Despite all vast and efficient systems, it can still cash the personal Checks due to several security risks. Nevertheless, two-party personal checks cashing is available with specific regulations and policies.

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