Clarification on depreciation Goodwill as part of existing Block of assets

That was the proposal of the Finance Bill Goodwill is not to be taken as an endorsement. Asset that is depreciable. The However, The Finance Bill didn’t specify what it would include. You will be amazed at the goodwill that you receive These were a part of an existing block Assets The Finance Act was created.


 Section 43(6) amendments to the IT To provide the written value, act (WDV), block of assets shall be Reduced by the difference between The actual cost of goodwill falls within the range of This block of assets is the Depreciation permitted / allowed on This goodwill can be extended up to 31 March 2020. It is also stated that the amount of such substances must be kept to a minimum. 

The WDV of the reduction must not be exceeded Block of assets Effective from FY 2020-21, the amendment will be in effect.

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