How to Activate a Walmart Gift Card and Check Balance

If you are a frequent visitor of Walmart, you already know somewhat about the Walmart Gift Card. Before talking about How to Activate a Walmart Gift Card and Check balance, we will focus into refine details about the Walmart Gift Card.

A Walmart is responsible for keeping the gift card active and secure balance within certain limits. However, chances of scams can damage the credential of the Gift Card. Therefore, Activate a Walmart Gift Card and Check Balance for security purposes. Moreover, you will read all about the appropriate pattern of activation and balance querries.

Probably, Walmart will take over the online markets with their exceptionally crafted system and plan to make the purchasing process as quick as the speed of light. The self-sufficient and integrated, and cashless buying and selling procedure is over the horizon. The Money card or gift card is also a practical step from Walmart to avoid the scams of illegal currency notes and saves fortune for both buyers and sellers.

What is Walmart?    

Walmart is the pioneer of a retail chain in America. It umbrellas several departmental stores, hypermarkets, grocery centers. It is one of the most competitive retailers of the good as they buy the products in bulk quantity on discount rates and offer the least price for the customers.

Moreover, easy user’s face and availability of products all year round makes the best spot for any shopper.

Besides, it also offers other services like money transfer, bill payment, pre-paid debit cards, credit cards, cash checking, and many others.

The Walmart Gift card offers ease of billing and pays with several discounts and special deals. All you want to do is activate the Walmart gift card and ready to use it.

What is Walmart Gift Card?

A Walmart is a kind of debit card that you receive from Walmart stores to ease cashless transactions. It has certain limitations for a pre-loaded amount of money, and it is applicable in multiple stores and countries.

 It will save you from going out of balance at certain times and limit excessive expenditures according to the available budget.

Avail Walmart Gift Card

You can make purchases with Walmart gift cards from Walmart stores, online, Samsclub online and physical,, and Walmart gas stations. Imagine running out of fuel on the highway and having an insufficient balance to redeem the gift card balance. Therefore, make sure you activate the gift card at all times.

Moreover, during the pandemic era, the purchasing system has reoriented over time. Now people prefer to have online money transfers instead of using cash in hand. Therefore, physical and online stores encourage virtual transactions and money transfers to purchase goods and services.

Activate Walmart Gift Card

The Walmart Gift Card is the best way to keep the balance for emergencies. Unlike other debit cards, easy activation and instant availability are the main factors to save your balance in a Walmart gift card.

  • Make an order for MoneyCard via the Walmart website
  • Buy a Walmart gift card from the nearest store for only 3$.

After applying for the card, you need to visit the activation page on Walmart’s official website. Populate the required fields with

  • the card number in the required field
  • Expiry date according to card issuance
  • 3-digit code
  • End four digits of the Social Security figure
  • Pin code
  • Click next

The process to activate the card is complete. Now you ought to log in to your account and find the card under the activated card list. Or you can call the Wallmart helpline number for manual registration.

Walmart Gift Card Registration

  You can earn Walmart Gift Card easily through multiple stores like inbox dollars, prize rebel, Swagbucks, and fetch rewards. Multiple survey sites also offer Walmart gift cards as a token of appreciation. However, after getting the card, you need to go through a proper procedure to register the Gift Card with Walmart.

  • Create an account if you are fresh to the Wallmart services site.
  • Then login to the website with your account and click “register a new card.
  • If you already have an account with another card, you add up to as many cards as you want.
  • Populate the fields for security code with 3-digit numbers on the card, and you got it done.

Balance Queries

Walmart’s official page offers balance checking services. You can only find the balance information after you activate the card with the website. Once you have fulfilled the requirements and got the confirmation message, you can access the Walmart balance inquiry page.

There are two means to check the balance available on the card.

1st Method

You can log in to your account on an official website for a Walmart money card and get into the manage card balance section.

  • Browse the official Wallmart website
  • Now login to your account.
  • occupy the 16-digit code of the Gift card in the demanded field
  • Enter the precise details and press” Get Card Balance.”
  • A new screen will flash up with the available amount in the gift card.

2nd Method

An alternative method to check the available balance is to call on given numbers from Walmart. However, make sure before making a call that your card and related information are nearby to follow the instruction given by the support line.

How to add balance to the Gift Card?

Unlike voucher codes and coupons, the Walmart Gift Card is rechargeable. Once you have used up all the usable balance, you can activate the card with the new amount as much as you want.

You can add a credit to the card with an online bank transfer or direct deposit at the time of purchase. You can use cash in the nearby Walmart store cashier section and get the money on the card.

Saving the Walmart Gift Card

If you own more than one Walmart gift card, but you are not planning to activate the card shortly, you can save it in the account. You can save up to 5 money cards at a time in a statement.

  • Login to your Wallmart account
  • Go to the “Account’ section
  • Select from the tab” Manage Account.”
  • Click on the “Gift Cards”
  • Populate the fields with the 16-digit gift card number, PIN, and name the card
  • Finally, click “Save.”

Now without the fear of loss, your gift card details are safe and secure in the account. You can activate it whenever you need it or gift it to someone for thoughtful deals and discounts.

Online Purchase with Walmart GiftCard

Once you activate the gift card, you can use the balance in the card for both online and on store purchases. But make sure you start the card with the Walmart website according to the given guidelines.

You can make purchases through the online Walmart website and continue to the payment section. Here you will find the payment screen and specific actions to pay the bills via Wallmart Gift Card. During the sale season and discount, deals may take a few more minutes to make the final purchase.

You must;

  • Access your account on the Walmart website
  • Select the products to purchase
  • Proceed to the payment section
  • Select “Gift Card”
  • Populate the given fields with requirements available on the gift card
  • The cards that you activate on the account will show up in the purchase summary
  • Finally, cross-check the details and amounts, then proceed to payment

The amount of purchase less than the available limit will remain in the gift card, and you can check the balance from the website page. In case of insufficient balance available on a particular card, you need to activate the other stored card for accomplishing the purchase.

If you cannot activate other cards or don’t have any additional card in surplus, you can use bank transactions to recharge the card with the required balance.

Precautions and Immediate Security

Although having a balance in Money cards is much secure than having cash in pocket, some cyber insecurities need attention. Before you activate the card, make sure the data is safe and reliable.

Unfortunately, you can not get back the stolen or lost card at any cost, but you can make it useless for others. Walmart does not take responsibility for the lost card or stolen card at any time after you activate and register it with Wallmart cloud.

However, you can take extraordinary preventive measures to avoid damage in case of a lost card.

  • Never share the card details with anyone who has no concern with transactions.
  • Even the cashier is not eligible to get the security code or pin code of your Gift card.
  • Keep on checking the purchase summary and malicious activity, go to the website and inactivate the card after making a transaction.
  • Discard the card and information if the card goes under a hacker’s attack to avoid the abuse of other saved data.
  • If you have more than one card, you will have to be registered with the website. You can activate it later when you need it, but registration will save you from the missing card scenario.
  • Cross-check the information before populating the field to activate the card as wrong information will block the card, and it will become useless.

Final Verdict

In the world, after the Covid-19 outbreak, online shopping and e-transactions are an utmost requirement of the time. In some countries, the cash exchange is entirely obsolete, and the whole process of buying and selling is via e-banking or online store have their system.

Walmart is the most prominent platform, offers the Walmart Gift Card for easy and quick payments. You can quickly activate the card from any place in the USA and check the balance at a single click using a mobile device.

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